Simran & Dhruv’s Pre-Wedding Shoot

As wedding photographers, we have the joy of capturing countless love stories, but there's something truly special about pre-wedding shoots. They offer a unique chance to capture the essence of a couple’s love away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding day. This was especially important for Simran and Dhruv, whose upcoming wedding at the Hyatt Regency Jaipur Mansarovar was set to be a grand affair with around 400 guests.

From the outset, Simran and Dhruv were clear—they wanted a pre-wedding shoot. They knew that amidst the festivities and rituals, it would be challenging to find moments just for the two of them. They wanted these photos not just as memories, but to include in their invites and share in the countdown to their big day.

Our initial meetings were filled with excitement as we brainstormed locations. September was ideal for Europe, with its pleasant weather and picturesque landscapes. We finally settled on Italy, a country that offers an incredible variety of backdrops. Simran and Dhruv were particularly drawn to Venice, with its romantic canals, and they were also keen on exploring historical and architectural sites. So we mixed it up with the locations and got a really good variety. We planned a 5 day shoot starting with a day in Milan, then we headed to the dreamy Lake Como, then to the canals of Venice and ended our trip in Florence.

The concept for the shoot was to keep things natural and authentic. We didn’t want to create something overly staged; instead, we aimed for a series of moments that felt genuine. We encouraged them to engage in activities they would typically do on a date—sitting in a park, taking photos of each other, sharing a pizza, tasting wine, and just enjoying each other's company. Our goal was to capture their raw emotions and the fun they naturally have together.

Executing this vision came with its own set of challenges. Traveling to Italy with all our equipment required meticulous planning. We aimed to capture the best light during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset, which meant early mornings and late evenings. Italy’s extended golden hours were a blessing, but coordinating our schedule to cover Milan, Lake Como, Florence, and Venice was quite a feat.

Getting the necessary permissions to shoot at these iconic locations was a hurdle. We essentially did a virtual recce to ensure everything was in place. September, being a busy tourist season, meant crowded streets. But rather than shy away from it, we embraced the hustle and bustle, capturing Simran and Dhruv amidst the lively crowd. It added a beautiful documentary style to the shoot, making it feel even more authentic. Of course, we also managed to snag some stunning shots with fewer people around, balancing the chaos with serene moments.

Despite the challenges, the shoot was an incredible success. Simran and Dhruv were naturals, and their chemistry made our job easy. The entire experience was enriching—not just for them but for us as well. Building that rapport during the pre-wedding shoot allowed us to capture their wedding day even more naturally.

The final video was a true reflection of our time together—fun, genuine, and full of life. The chosen song and the flow of the video perfectly matched the tone we had envisioned. It was a beautiful prelude to their grand wedding, and we were thrilled to be a part of their journey.

Here's to our amazing WN couple Simran and Dhruv, and to capturing many more love stories at WeddingNama!