We have a detail oriented approach and since we limit the number of weddings we take up, we are able to give enough time to each wedding for post-production. The team shoots in a manner that is unobtrusive and encapsulates moments, details, emotions (that you might have not witnessed in the general chaos) beautifully! Our talented editors then combine these visuals with voice-overs (if any) with the perfect background music to weave your story!

We bring out the character and essence of the celebrations and ceremonies in all its glory, tailoring our techniques to highlight the couple’s personalities and chemistry. Something that speaks volumes about you. Something that is all you! 

There is a great deal of customization that goes with attention to every minute detail, right from the way the photographs are processed to the selection of soundtracks that strike the right chords to the film edit that amplifies the narrative of the story. A story that will make your hearts fuller. One you can watch over and over again to reminisce about these very moments. We put our heart into collecting your special moments and preserving them for years to come, a return ticket to your memories! We strongly believe that every story is unique and it needs to be captured differently.